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We implement the MNS ISO 26000: 2012 social responsibility standard, comply with the main criterias and diversified social responsibility programs step by step.

we will take the following measures, if there are any adverse effects due to our company's decisions or actions.
- Report the impact of our social responsibility activities on community.
- Correct the error immediately, in the event of an accidental error or misconduct.

We publish our financial and operational reports on our website on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to ensure that our operations are transparent and open to the public.

We prioritize the principles of fairness and ethics in our operations and employees, and are implementing them in our operations.

We respect human rights and freedoms and strive to ensure their importance and integrity, and reflect them in our social responsibility. In order to ensure this principle, our company is implementing the following.
- Abide by the rights and obligations in human rights norms and standards
- Organize activities to improve employees’ development and life
- Provide employees with favorable working conditions and appropriate wages.

- We operate in accordance with Mongolian and international mining norms and standards.
- Provide products and services that are not harmful to the environment
- Do not adversely affect social safety
- Operate in line with international standards
- Refuse to cooperate with organizations that do not comply with norms and standards
- Do not support wrongdoing.

We act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in order to fulfill our social responsibilities.
- Comply with current and future improved laws and regulations
- According to the laws, report on obligations and performance in a timely manner

We respect the interests of stakeholders and work closely with them in the implementation of social responsibility.
we initiated and completed the unpaved road of the community street of Bayangol District 20
As part of our social responsibility, we initiated and completed the unpaved road of the community street of Bayangol District 20, which aims to reduce dust and create a comfortable environment in Ulaanbaatar, and successfully completed it in cooperation with neighboring organizations. In 2018, 2 km of this street was turned into a paved road by TESO Corporation in cooperation with other organizations.

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